FMX 2013: First announcements

FMX 2013

FMX 2013

The FMX 2013 program is taking shape. Europe’s most renowned conference on digital entertainment, which takes place two weeks earlier than last year, adopts the slogan „lean, smart and agile“ and focuses on the ongoing paradigm shift in the animation, effects, games and transmedia industries. It zeroes in on how smart technologies, adaptive approaches and flexible strategies are shaping the business, allowing for integrated storytelling, affordable workflows, accessible budgets, independent initiatives, new players and global success. Highly esteemed industry professionals explore this change in various presentations, workshops, masterclasses, on the Marketplace, the Recruiting Hub and the School Campus. What’s more, FMX focuses on VFX highlights such as Life of Pi and Cloud Atlas and animation adventures such as The Croods. In continuing its successful cooperation with the popular International Festival of Animated Film Stuttgart and the business platform Animation Production Day, FMX transforms Stuttgart into a meeting point for professionals, digital artists and decision-makers from all over the world. Weiterlesen

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Ceiga Magazin

Zwei meiner Artworks wurden im Ceiga Magazin Ausgabe #15 veröffentlicht! Die Ausgabe kann hier angeschaut werden:


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Kleine Hexe Wikkers Charakterübersicht

Little Witch Wikkers

Little Witch Wikkers

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Ich wurde auf gefeatured! Den Artikel findet ihr hier:

3dprinter-world logo

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Sneak Peak

Little Witch Wikkers

Little Witch Wikkers

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