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Das ist Mort, nach einem Konzept von Manuel Blom. Speedsculpt für den 3D Druck.

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FMX 2013: Pixar, Dreamworks & Indie Games

FMX 2013

FMX 2013

Less than five weeks before Europe’s most influential conference on digital entertainment opens, FMX 2013 reveals a first preview of its daily program including illustrious names, high-quality presentations and workshops. The conference slogan „lean, smart and agile“ connects all program highlights and sums up the paradigm shift that continues to shape the industry. Taking into account the various pressures on the traditional visual effects business model, Ed Ulbrich, CEO at Digital Domain, gives a „state of the industry“ address together with Visual Effects Society Executive Director Eric Roth, followed by a Q&A session. New ways of financing like Crowdfunding take center stage at FMX, as well as „World Building“ and other „Transmedia Experiences“ tracks, including a special presentation by author Cornelia Funke and Andy Merkin about the Mirrorworld app (cf. press release #3). In addition to Oscar winners such as Life of Pi and Brave, the most recent Bond adventure Skyfall, Guillermo del Toro’s highly anticipated Pacific Rim, the zombie romantic comedy Warm Bodies, Indie Games, gaming hits such as Crysis 3 and Tomb Raider rank among this year’s presentations. Moreover, technical talks complement the program with „SIGGRAPH Papers“ as well as a series on „Cloud Computing,“ „Cloud Gaming,“ „Open Source“ and „3D Printing.“(mehr …)

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